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A medical emergency is a sudden unexpected illness or injury that you believe would place your life in danger or cause serious damage to your health if you do not seek immediate medical treatment.

Our intensively trained live operators are experienced in handling emergency situations, proving to be advantageous for a wide variety of businesses.

24 hour availability means no call is missed and all opportunities are addressed and captured. Live operators manage phones at all hours to make to assist your or your family members. The Call Centre Operators gather the caller’s information to determine the nature of the emergency.

All our telephone calls are voice logged and the call centre staff has access to state of the art technology which enables quick and efficient dispatch.

The call centre has visual access to Air Ambulance Tracker and Ground Ambulance Tracker, which enables the team to ensure that all dispatched vehicles and air crafts are monitored.

Contact our call centre and an operator will assist you by dispatching either a ground or air ambulance to assist you.

Telephone Number: +264 61 411 600

Fully Medically Equipped Road Ambulance Services

Fully Medically Equipped Road Ambulance Services

E-Med’s fleet of ground ambulances are fitted with advanced medical equipment to ensure the best possible pre-hospital treatment is offered to patients. Each response vehicle and ground ambulance has access to medical equipment such as adult and paediatric ventilators, ECG monitors and infant incubators, ventilators and extrication devices.

On Site Paramedics

On Site Paramedics

With the aim of providing quality & efficient paramedical services, E-Med’s operation are spearheaded by a team of highly qualified paramedics.

E-Med currently employs highly qualified paramedical staff with qualifications ranging from Basic Life Support, Intermediate Life Support to Advance Life support paramedics. A medical specialist is also available to assist the paramedical team with patient prognosis and provide medical support in the event of a critical ill patient.

Fully Medically Equipped Air Ambulance Services

Fully Medically Equipped Air Ambulance Services

E-Med has decided to join forces with Westair in 2009 not only to improve flight quality and safety but also to become the most reliable aero medical evacuation service in Namibia.

The joint venture enables E-Med to have three medically equipped air ambulances with a pilot compliment of seven 24hours a day. All aircraft on medical standby is duel pilot operation, pressurized and fully equipped for instrument landing approaches. Additional to the medical evacuation capability is a total of six Westair Aircraft which can be utilized for mercy flights in and around Namibia.

The company’s air fleet is not an emergency room by definition and does not replace that function either, but rather can be seen as the integration and link to better patient outcome. All Aircraft are equipped, at all times, with a medical advanced support system.

How to Download Panic Button App

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Emed Rescue 24 Helpful Checklists

The checklists, aimed at reminding you what to check for before traveling.

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How to use the panic button

Try out our new app for emergencies.

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Emergency Bracelets

The Medical Alert Bracelets are one of the most effective ways in early and quick identification when a person is in need. The Stainless Steel engraved Plates enable valuable information to be added to the Bracelet which assists people in the Medical Profession to better tend to your medical emergency!

The Medical Alert Bracelets can be used for the following:
Outings: For the adventurous person when hiking, camping, extreme sports etc.
Allergies: it can be useful if the Bracelet is kept on during school hours.
Going Shopping: Very effective in Infant and Toddler management if the child gets lost. The parent’s information can be applied to the Bracelet as a contact person.
Emergency Identification. When a person has a Medical Allergy and or Medical Disorder.
Medical Allergies: Penicillin, Aspirin…
Medical Disorders: Diabetic, Heat Patient, Asthma…
General Allergies: Peanuts, Bee Sting, Wheat…

There is no age limit to the Medical Alert Bracelets. The range covers from Infant to the Retired!

Recommended for Children:
The Infant Writable Silicone Band and Infant/Toddler Plate, consists of a soft silicone rubber band that is soft and com-fortable for infant fit. The Silicone Slim Wristband and Infant/Toddler Slim Wristband is designed for Toddlers. It does not have a Jaw-Clasp that can cause the bracelet to fall off easily. The Slim Dual Colour Band is recommended for Pre-Teens up to any age. This Bracelet contains a Two Jaw-Clasp and is adjustable to each Pre-teen fit.

Additional Products:
Additions have been added to better suit each person’s individual need. - Pill ICE-Capsule. These capsules are dust proof and water resistant. They carry medication in the form of tables or capsules. - Velcro Shoe ID and. Engraved plate attached to a Velcro band which can be worn on the shoe or a travel bag. - Key Rings. An engraved plate that can be attached to a keychain, or possibly a carry bag.

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Fully Medically Equipped Road Ambulance Services


First Aid Level A and First Aid for the Workplace as per attached outline.
BLS for health Care Providers
registered with the South African Resuscitation Council.
Accredited with American Hearts Association and the Fire Extinguisher Training is as follows:
1) Training on Triangle of Combustion
2) Training on Classification of Fires
3) Training on general housekeeping and fire preventative measures in and around the Workplace
4) Training on the identification of fire hazards in and around the workplace
5) Training on general evacuation procedures
6) Training on the handling and practical use of Fire Extinguishers

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